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Sustainable commitments

The natural environment

“Robert & Marcel” has now become the brand name of our wine cooperative. For over ten years, it has increasingly enhanced its commitment to environmental sustainability at all stages of the winemaking process from vine cultivation to the final packaging. As from 2002, all members of our cooperative agreed on a common set of specifications for all vineyards, so as to provide optimal traceability and minimize the use of chemical weed killers and pesticides.
Since 2008, a partnership with the Saumur Champigny wine producers’ union has aimed at favouring the natural processes of the vineyard ecosystem. As a result of these efforts the cooperative was awarded the AgriConfiance eco-label for all its members’ vineyards in 2012. It is nowadays one of the few French wine cooperatives whose winegrowers are all committed to such an environmental approach.



Respect for people

Robert & Marcel promotes positive social change and wellbeing. As well as issues of sustainable development, the cooperative is committed to a policy of “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) with buyers and consumers, as well as member growers and employees.
Robert & Marcel remains faithful to its innovative spirit and always implements new development projects within a threefold objective: economic, social and environmental.

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