Who are Robert and Marcel?

The Founders

In 1957, some forty vintners joined forces to face up to economic difficulties, but what they shared was much more than just financial support. At that time, Robert, Marcel, Yvon, Geneviève and other winegrowers, all native to the same terroir and sharing the same values, planted their vineyards on the hilltop of Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg.

They pooled not only their experience and their know-how, but also their dreams and ambitions.

It took grit and determination to work away expectantly through the winter months before their vines bore fruit the following summer.

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Although Robert and Marcel are no longer with us, they have left behind them a large and devoted team of winegrowers who luckily for us produce high quality wines. The vineyards have now expanded to 1,800 hectares and modernization is the order of the day but the 300-odd members of the cooperative still know how to work together.