Wines and Fragrances

Four ranges of Saumur wines are on offer, all with a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Daily pleasures: Fruity, full-flavoured and attractive fresh young wines appropriate for all occasions.

Special events: Rich and complex wines crafted from select parcels of vines that are so typical of the Saumur terroir.

Bio Coq’licot: Organic wines that faithfully express their geographical origins.

Exceptional moments: Rich and well-balanced wines whose complexity can only be fully expressed after a few years in the cellar.

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Moments d'exceptions

  • Exeption-ctxs-11
    Côteaux de Saumur AOP

    15,50 €

  • Exeption-sb-10
    Saumur Blanc AOP

    8,70 €

  • Exeption-sc-11
    Saumur Champigny AOP

    12,90 €

Plaisirs quotidiens

  • Plaisir-quotidien-ca-12
    Cabernet d'Anjou

    4,20 €

  • Plaisir-quotidien-habitpourpre
    Mousseux Rouge

    6,20 €

  • Plaisir-quotidien-sb-12
    Saumur Blanc AOP

    4,30 €

Bio Coq'Licot

  • Bio-sc-champigny12
    Saumur Champigny AOP BIO

    8,90 €

  • Bio-sr-11
    Saumur Rouge AOP BIO

    7,10 €

  • Bioblanc-sb-12
    Saumur Blanc AOP BIO

    6,60 €

Belles occasions

  • Belles-occasions-cdl-blancbrut
    Crémant de Loire

    6,60 €

  • Belles-occasions-sb-pouches-12
    Saumur Blanc AOP

    5,20 €

  • Belles-occasions-sc-perou-11
    Saumur Champigny AOP

    7,30 €