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amazing experience

An underground labyrinth full of surprises

Inside the underground galleries at La Perrière, 8 true-to-life sets relate the history of the Saumur winegrowers and all the secrets of the winemaking process from the soil to the glass.


Athens? Giza? Way off track! You’re at Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg!

A sensory journey

Not only soil, stones, but also wood and glass, all those materials our winegrowers work with every day, will guide your senses on a fabulous journey.

Listen to the melodious song of the grapevine, become acquainted with the secrets of fermentation, get an insight into the ancestral science of winemaking looking at Marc Barotte’s lithographs, play at guess the aroma with our local grape varieties, and even add your personal touch to our fines bulles sparkling wines. Come and share in these moments with us for an unprecedented explosion of sensations!


Come and share an enjoyable and unforgettable moment with us

As you get to know the history of our community and our wines, and share a special moment with us, you will no doubt learn something about yourselves too. And afterwards, you will probably drink our wines in a different way.

Our wines are an obvious choice, be it to the little joys of everyday life or the most memorable moments, as they convey the core values of a cooperative that is decidedly different from all the others.


Laissez-vous conter nos secrets et nos valeurs

listen to our secrets and values


Enjoy 45 minutes of timeless pleasure, a 30-minute tasting session and so much more that we want to share with you...

5 minutes d'immersion hors du temps, 30 minutes de dégustation et tant de choses à vous dire encore...
on attend plus que vous en 4


Visits of the wine cellars from April to September, everyday

  • 11am - 3pm - 4pm - 5pm
  • Individual rate 5 €
  • Group rate (over 10 people) 3 €
  • Guided visits are organized for a minimum of 5 people, and max 25

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