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Saumur and the angevine's softness

In the heart of the Loire Valley

Saumur is located halfway between Angers and Tours, on the banks of the river Loire in the historical region of Anjou. Anjou is home to the famous douceur angevine, a phrase that combines the softness of the climate, gentle landscapes and quality of life.
It offers magnificent yet easily accessible landscapes, listed in the Unesco World Heritage. Saumur and the surrounding villages boast an outstanding architectural heritage, including such renowned sites as the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud and four elegant castles ─ Saumur, Montreuil-Bellay, Montsoreau and Brézé.

Chateau De Saumur Marc Mongenet
Abbaye Fontevraud Jean Christophe Benoist
Loire Christophe Gagneux
Loire Velo Christophe Gagneux

A Unesco World Heritage site

The natural heritage, with the river Loire, forests and vineyards, is just as outstanding, and has now officially become a regional nature park. By quarrying the tuffeau limestone, the local people of the past have left us a troglodyte heritage that is unique in Europe with 14,000 natural caves, 1,200-km long galleries, 900 wine cellars, and underground mushroom farms. Today, some of the “Troglos” (tunnels and caves) have been turned into private houses, places of interest open to visitors, restaurants, self-catering cottages, bed and breakfasts, artist studios and even a zoological garden at Doué la Fontaine.

Marrying the Loire valley wines with gastronomy

Saumur’s reputation also results from the quality of local wines (4,200 ha, 31 million bottles, 10 protected designations of origin), especially Saumur Champigny and Crémant de Loire.
Wines are the best representatives of the local cuisine which makes the most of freshwater fish, fruit and vegetables grown in the valley and mushrooms from the underground farms. In the unusual environment of a troglodyte restaurant, you may also enjoy a peculiar but very popular specialty called fouace, an oven-baked bread stuffed with delicious local specialties.

And now the icing on the cake... well, make it three cakes then!

Saumur is the town where the Horse is King. Since the 19th century Saumur has been home to the Cadre Noir, a team of military elite riders, and the National Academy of Horsemanship.

The Loire à vélo cycle path and its many circuits are another leisurely way to discover and enjoy the local landscapes.

Last but not least, the final major asset of the area is its inhabitants! The open-minded, welcoming people of Saumur are partial to pleasure, wine and a gentle lifestyle.


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